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Development of A Cost Efficient Policy Tool for reduction of Particulate Matter in AIR



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Beneficiary contact person:
Dr. Eleftheriadis Konstantinos
Neapoleos 27, PO Box 60228, PC: 15310, Agia Paraskevi-Athens
Tel: 210 650 3008
Fax: 210 650 3050



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Beneficiary contact person:
Professor Kungolos Athanasios
University of Thessaly
Department of Planning and Regional Development
Laboratory of Geographical Research and Environmental Planning
Pedion Areos, PC: 38334, Volos
Tel: +30 24210 74480
Fax: 24210 74276



Beneficiary contact person:
Professor Samara Konstantini
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Department of Chemistry
Environmental Pollution Control Laboratory
University Campus, PC: 54124, Thessaloniki
Tel.:2310 997805
Fax: +30 2310 997747



Beneficiary contact person:
Dr. Progiou Athena
AXON Envirogroup Ltd
18 Troias Street, PC: 11257, Athens
Tel.:+30 210 822 3083
Fax.+30 210 823 8604



Beneficiary contact person:
Associate Professor Lazaridis Michail
Technical University of Crete
Environmental Engineering Department
Air Suspended Particles Laboratory
Ag. Titou square, PC: 73100, Chania
Tel: +30 28210 37813



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